Our history

In August 2015 a small group of Christians began meeting to discuss the ideas of ‘gospel’, ‘work’ and ‘city’ and how they might play out in our lives in Belfast.

In late April 2016 we invited interested people to an exploratory lunchtime meeting in Belfast Central Mission. We addressed the topic of “Why Belfast needs more Christian workers”, drawing attention to the way that many working Christians find that their faith feels far more relevant in their home and church life than in their workplace.  However, we suggested that if Christians do live out their faith at work, some unique opportunities can arise to help people connect with God. In response to this exploratory meeting, a number of people commented that what we were discussing was exactly what was needed in Belfast.

To develop our vision and test interest among an initial group that emerged from these exploratory sessions, we ran a series of four follow-up lunchtime meetings in late Spring.  Although most of these meetings had a lower number at each, we found a core group of people who had shown a clear degree of commitment to our vision.

Following these exploratory meetings, the leadership team felt that God was leading us to start the Gospel in the City ministry on a weekly basis.  We therefore began hosting weekly gatherings from 7 September 2016.