What we do

To achieve our vision and aims, we organise weekly lunchtime gatherings centred on a short bible talk with an opportunity to stay around and chat together afterwards.

These regular gatherings are underpinned by three common convictions:

  • Value of workplace ministry. It is easy for Christians to keep work and faith separate. However, the workplace offers many opportunities for the sharing of the Christian faith, often across community lines.
  • Centrality of gospel. Work is not ultimate and we don’t just want to equip Christian workers to do better work. Rather we want to show Christian and non-Christian workers a bigger vision for their life and their work. Its not just about to equip Christians but help non-Christians to investigate, which takes time to understand the big picture.
  • Importance of our workplace lives. Gospel proclamation or gospel sharing without relationships of love won’t work. How we work matters. Christians need to be encouraged to work well through teaching and fellowship.

In practice, this means that we aim each week to explore the Bible in ways that will help Christians to live out their faith at work, whilst also being accessible to those who wish to find out more about the Christian faith.

Some weeks will have an emphasis on ‘discipling’ Christians – that is to help Christians know how we can better live the way that God wants us to – whilst other weeks will focus more ‘evangelistic’ – that is to help non-Christians to think more about the Christian faith. Speakers from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life are invited to come and help us with this.