Lunchtime Christmas Event, 1-1:45pm, Thursday 19th December 2019

Christmas Event

An informal gathering over mulled wine, festive food and live acoustic music from Maria Nickolay. Featuring an interview and a short talk with Dave Jensen (All Saints Church of Ireland, University Avenue) addressing the question, “Christmas is fine, but why do they need to spoil it with Jesus?

The Word became Flesh

Next week we start our Advent series. We will be going slowly through one of the most beautiful and rich passages in the Scriptures – the opening to John’s Gospel. Many of us may well be familiar with this passage from Christmases past. For example: John 1 is the final lesson every year at Carols from Kings.


21 Nov           In the beginning                           John 1:1-5                 Sam Bostock

28 Nov           The true light                              John 1:6-14               Frank Sellar

5 Dec             The Word became flesh                 John 1:15-18              Steve Auld

12 Dec           God made known                          John 1:19-20             Steve Auld

Each week will feature a Bible reading and a 20 minute talk over lunch or a hot drink.

Everyone working in the city centre is very welcome to join us on Wednesday lunchtimes from 1:10-1:45pm, in the restaurant of the Clayton Hotel Belfast 22-26 Ormeau Avenue, Belfast, BT2 8HS.

(On entering the building turn left, you’ll find us at the far end of the restaurant.)

Sandwiches and hot drinks are available (suggested donation £3).


Please feel free to share this with anyone you know who may be interested in coming along.

Lunchtime Carol Service

This year Gospel in the City will once again be hosting our Lunchtime Carol Service on Wednesday  20 December 2017 from 1:10-1:50pm in the downstairs venue of May Street Church (Where Urban Soul cafe used to be).

This will be a traditional carol service with well-known Christmas carols led by a brass band, with mulled punch and a short message from Christoph Ebbinghaus. It is intended to be accessible to anyone who enjoys a traditional Christmas service and we hope would be perfect for a pre-Christmas office trip out for your whole team.


Lunchtime Christmas Carol Concert


Gospel in the City plans to host a Lunchtime Carol Service on Tuesday 20 December 2016 from 1:10-1:40pm in Urban Soul (May Street Church basement).

This will be a traditional carol service with well-known Christmas carols led my New Irish Arts and a short message from Christoph Ebbinhaus.  It is intended to be accessible to anyone who enjoys a traditional Christmas service and we hope would be perfect for a pre-Christmas office trip out!

Please note the different day and location to the usual Gospel in the City meetings Tuesday 20 December 2016 (i.e. not the usual Wednesday lunchtime) from 1:10-1:40pm in Urban Soul, May Street Church basement (i.e. not Caffe Nero).

Songs of Advent

From “Away in a Manger” to Wham!, Christmas has always been a time for singing – and that’s especially true of the first Christmas. The early pages of St. Luke’s Gospel almost read like a musical as a teenage mum and a dying man sing for joy. The songs they sang are now beloved parts of the daily liturgy in both Catholic and Protestant churches. But what was it about the first Christmas that made these people so joyful? And could the joy of that first Christmas come to our workplaces this Christmas? Join us on Wednesday lunchtimes as we explore these Advent Songs:

  • 30/11 What makes Mary special? (the Magnificat, part 1)
  • 7/12 How to put the revolution back into Christmas (the Magnificat, part 2)
  • 14/12 How to get everything you’ve ever wanted this Christmas (the Nunc Dimittis)

We will then finish off the advent season with a Gospel in the City Carol Service on Tuesday 20 December, 1:10-1:50pm in Urban Soul (May St Church). We’ll enjoy singing a few traditional carols and hear a short message from Christoph Ebbinghaus.  Could you invite your office for a pre-Christmas trip out?