Ask Google: Why does love hurt?

Every day millions of internet users ask Google life’s most difficult questions, big and small. Inspired by the Guardian series, these talks will answer some of the commonest queries.


“To love is to live fully, to have a purpose that makes life worth living” (Linda Blair). If that’s true, then why does love hurt so much? Why would God, who says that he is love, make a world where we our closest relationships are the ones that tend to cause us the most pain?

Join us on Weds 23rd November for a chance to think about these questions over lunch. Our speaker will be Stafford Carson, a former moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and current Principal of Union Theological College.

1:10-1:40pm, upstairs in Caffe Nero on Fountain St. Sandwiches available (suggested donation £3).

Read the Guardian answer here: Why does love hurt?