What Jesus really thinks about money.

It’s often said that money was one of the topics Jesus spoke most often about, and it’s the subject of a number of Jesus’ parables recorded in Luke’s gospel. Join us over the next three weeks, as we explore what Jesus really said about wealth.

14/2     The Wealthy Fool                                      Luke 12. 13-21

21/2     How to make your wealth last forever        Luke 16. 1-13

28/2     How not to be wealthy                              Luke 16. 14-31

Alongside this, each week we’re going to continue taking a bit of time to discuss some of the pressure points where the 21st century workplace presents a challenge to living as a Christian.

Everyone who is in the city centre is very welcome to join us on Wednesday lunchtimes from 1:10-1:45pm, upstairs in Caffe Nero on Fountain St. Sandwiches available (suggested donation £3).

Please feel free to share this with anyone you know who may be interested in coming along.