Lunchtime Christmas Event, 1-1:45pm, Thursday 19th December 2019

Christmas Event

An informal gathering over mulled wine, festive food and live acoustic music from Maria Nickolay. Featuring an interview and a short talk with Dave Jensen (All Saints Church of Ireland, University Avenue) addressing the question, “Christmas is fine, but why do they need to spoil it with Jesus?

Lunchtime Christmas Carol Concert


Gospel in the City plans to host a Lunchtime Carol Service on Tuesday 20 December 2016 from 1:10-1:40pm in Urban Soul (May Street Church basement).

This will be a traditional carol service with well-known Christmas carols led my New Irish Arts and a short message from Christoph Ebbinhaus.  It is intended to be accessible to anyone who enjoys a traditional Christmas service and we hope would be perfect for a pre-Christmas office trip out!

Please note the different day and location to the usual Gospel in the City meetings Tuesday 20 December 2016 (i.e. not the usual Wednesday lunchtime) from 1:10-1:40pm in Urban Soul, May Street Church basement (i.e. not Caffe Nero).