Reformation rediscovered: How the Reformation changed the world

This October is the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s posting of his controversial “95 Theses” in Wittenberg. The theses took issue with a number of problems in the medieval church, including the sale of indulgences. From such small beginnings a popular movement began that would radically change the world.

Here in Belfast we can still see the impact of the Reformation all around us: in obvious ways, like the different denominations of churches and the sectarian conflict. But also in more subtle ways, the Reformation changed how all of us think about God and the Bible, and how we think about life and work.

So join us for two weeks as we rediscover why the Reformation changed the world:

25 Oct How the Reformation rediscovered the goodness of God

1  Nov How the Reformation rediscovered the goodness of work


Our speakers are Dr Stafford Carson (Principal, Union Theological College), and Sam Bostock (Gospel in the City).

Wednesdays, 1:10-1:45pm, upstairs in Caffe Nero on Fountain Street. Sandwiches available (suggested donation £3).