Ask Google: Am I a good person?

Every day millions of internet users ask Google life’s most difficult questions, big and small. Inspired by the Guardian series, these talks will answer some of the commonest queries.

Am I a good person? However you look at it, the Bible’s answer to this question has been very influential. But what exactly is the Bible’s answer?

On Wednesday 5th Oct, Christoph Ebbinghaus will be helping us think about the Bible’s answer to the question Am I a good person? Join us for a talk and an opportunity to ask questions upstairs in Caffe Nero on Fountain St, 1:10-1:40pm. Sandwiches available (suggested donation £3).

As the Guardian’s answer concluded: “The only certain thing about this question is that if you’ve never thought to ask it, the answer has to be “no”.”

Christoph Ebbinghaus has been serving as the the minister of Kirkpatrick Memorial Presbyterian Church for the last twelve years. Before entering full-time ministry, he trained as an accountant in Belfast.